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The Missing Girl 13 June 2003
So here's the first reminiscence of an event that occured at Taymouth Castle School. However, it doesn't come from one of the Taymouth tribe but from Bill Cox, who was a student at TCS's sister institution, Herringswell Manor School, in Suffolk, England (both schools were owned by Mr McCormack). Here is his communication in full -- thanks for the story and photos, Bill.


Just surfing around on a Sunday evening . . .

Stumbled across your site and just wanted to say hi and thanks! Thanks for the pictures. Thanks for the flashback (no longer acid induced).

Hi Colin,
My name is Bill Cox and I attended Herringswell Manor School in 71-72 & 72-73. For Thanksgiving weekend in 1972 about 12 of us, who couldn't go home for the weekend went to Taymouth Castle. And it was a great weekend and the source of one of my best stories (I love stories and if you will indulge me. . . I will be brief).

On the Saturday one of the women (girl) students from Taymouth had returned, but was missing in the evening. We made a search party looking for her. Maybe she fell off the Chinese bridge into the Tay river out the back? Very dark. Very creepy. No luck. We returned and sat in the lounge on the ground floor. Someone said “what if she stuck her head up at the window”. And then . . . a flash went off in my mind.

I went up stairs to the kitchen a grabbed a bottle of ketchup. I went outside, snuck under the window, rolled up my sleeve, and poured ketchup on my hand and arm. Then I lifted my hand and arm and tapped 3 times against the window, finally sliding my hand and arm down the window.

I don't think I've ever heard so much screaming in my life. I was told that everyone ran from the room and a lot of them jumped into the old cage elevator. Too many of them apparently, because it started to go up and then stopped because it was overweight. Effectively trapping them in the elevator and adding to the panic.

I didn't know what the word “hysterics” meant till that night. Apparently there were three girls who couldn't stop crying. I went to hide out in my room. My roommate from HMS had been out in the woods with his girlfriend and was oblivious to everything that had happened returned and decided we should smoke some hash. Which we did.

About 15 minutes later a knock came on the door. And it was a short Scottish teacher who had returned to the school that evening from the pub, quite drunk, wanted to know who was responsible. I said it was a prank. He grabbed me and slammed me up against the wall and started to yell at me. My friend was from Texas, quite a big guy, pulled him off of me and said “I think y’all should just calm down and leave my friend alone”. And the guy actually left.

As it turned out, the missing girl student was in a teachers room. And we left the next day none too soon for me.

Maybe you had to be there. Maybe you were.

I also noticed a guy name Jon Hands on your website. He, I and Jane Budgeon (also from HMS) ended up sharing a room on the Easter vacation trip to Tenerife in the Canary Islands in 1973. But that's a whole ‘nother story.

About me? I live in London Ontario Canada. Work at the University of Western Ontario as a media & technical specialist. Love life, who I am, what I am and know and appreciate that part of it is because of time spent in the 70's in England at HMS.

Colin - once again - thank you. I hope this note will refresh fond memories and make you smile. And it is sent with my very...

Best wishes!


Bill as he was in 1972.


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