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"Colin Macpherson's The Holy Well is a story of such beauty that many times I found my eyes misting as the characters experienced a life previously alien to me ...  I marvel at his skill at storytelling; of weaving together the ancient past and today into a compelling book that made me stop so many times and think of what I had just read."

John Watson in: Spectator News Magazine, 24th Aug. 2007.


"In this, his second novel, Colin Macpherson has proved himself as a master story teller. There is evidence of intensive research into late Bronze Age history, the coming of the Celts to Britain, artefacts and place names.  In my opinion this research lends an added dimension to the book.  Historical accuracy melds with mysticism in a very compelling way ... Macpherson avoids feyness or sentiment, and his prose style is clear and eloquent.  I very much enjoyed reading this book, and I look forward to the author's next offering."

Phyllida Coombes in: Idiom 23 Literary Magazine, Nov. 2007.


"Powerful, imaginative, action-packed and passionate ... Macpherson's portrayal of life in ancient Britain is vivid, sober, witty and spellbinding. However, his descriptions of a higher reality and an alternative understanding of life, nature and the universe are the real strength of this book. This is an ambitious and intriguing saga that will appeal to lovers of history and those who want to decipher the wisdom and mysteries of a vanished world."

Stephen Davenport in: The Independent Weekly, 18th Oct. 2007.


"This book is more than just another tall tale. It leads the reader on a thought-provoking journey of modern-day and historical adventure and intrigue. This novel left me with an uplifting feeling of human warmth and a glimpse of the possibility of something more substantial than our everyday reality.   Highly recommended!"

Fred Elbel in: EcoFuture, 8th Dec. 2007.


"...The author does a wonderful job of guiding the reader between the time periods, interspersing tales of early man with modern-day flight and intrigue. The characters are brought to life through their generosity and kindness towards others, and the epilogue is a tribute to that effect -- all of which makes this novel a great read."

Brad Eden in: Historical Novels Society review, Feb. 2008.


"It might all sound rather New Age, but Macpherson's novel is more intelligent and disciplined than that.  The two men's stories are vividly told, which is especially meritorious given that little is known about the people who lived in Scotland 3000 years ago.  ... a well-crafted, thoughtful novel."

George Thomas in: Quadrant, Apr. 2009.




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"The underlying messages in this book are timeless -- the importance of remembering our connection with the earth, and treating our fellows with compassion and kindness, as well as learning to have confidence in ourselves to trust our instincts.  The author has subtly drawn these threads together in a tale which is entertaining, introducing characters who are both believable and heroic in their achievements ... The Holy Well has a touch of mysticism, sound insights on our human foibles, and above all else an uplifting sense of hope."

Leanne Smith,Yellow Door Bookshop, Australia


"I thoroughly enjoyed this book at the level of straightforward entertainment, but it also had a profound effect on me gentle and positive and lasting.  It has made me think about things I thought Id closed the door on a long time ago.  This book does more than provide literary satisfaction.  It offers hope in a world where that sentiment is in rapid retreat.  Buy this book, read it, and you will see what I mean.  The Holy Well is an important piece of work."

Trish Langham, USA


"Colin Macpherson, you are a great story teller and I enjoyed the crisp descriptions of characters and scenery. This fast moving book is a wonderful mix of contemporary and ancient loves, lives and battles and obviously well researched. The plot, interwoven with earthy eroticism and humour makes for a great read. I could not put it down and am already looking forward to your next book."

Frans van Boekhout, New Zealand


I read so many great books, especially in the personal development section. But one book that has had a really big effect on me in recent times was The Holy Well by Colin Macpherson.  It made me cry, think, and I was in shock as Colin managed to combine all that is and ever will be into this book.  The book touched me deep inside and made me realize that the connection to the land is at my innermost core.  Now I have to find a way to explore this newfound knowledge.

'Monika' (One book that changed you forever : ''Personal Development For Smart People Forums')


"The Holy Well is a brilliant book that shows a great depth of research into the times and places in which it is set.  This allows the characters to be not simply created, but also brought to life.  It is beautifully written and encourages us to listen to and believe in the magic of the Earth. This is definitely a book I'd recommend to others."

Lyndall Evans, Australia



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