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"... well written, thought-provoking, entertaining and an excellent read. This intriguing and suspenseful work of fiction may well turn out to be fact. Highly recommended to anyone concerned about the ability of our planet to sustain an ever-growing human population."

Fred Elbel in: EcoFuture, Jan. 2000.


"... a truly excellent and very interesting work of fiction. It accurately depicts what could easily happen to our planet if population growth remains unlimited. But, contrary to most population-related tomes, this is an exciting novel. I highly recommend it to anyone. We can all learn from reading it."

Leon F. Bouvier, co-author of: World population: Challenges for the 21st Century


"... I found The Tide Turners utterly compelling.
...Colin Macpherson's message is as relevant today as was that of Aldous Huxley when he wrote Brave New World nearly seventy years ago. As the plot moves inexorably to its chilling conclusion it is impossible, it seems to me, to ignore the issues. A confronting and thought provoking book."

Phyllida Coombes in: Idiom 23 Literary Magazine, (vol. 13, no. 1) Dec. 2000.


"...makes for fascinating and confronting reading - overall The Tide Turners is as entertaining as it is concerning."

Jeremy Fenton in: Word on Books, Nov. 2000.


"... a proficient page-turner with an intriguing - and important - message."

Murray Waldren in: The national Australian newspaper, 19th Feb. 2000.


"... a story which easily could be true in a world where radical activists have tired of government opting out of saving the Earth; radicals who opt to save the planet their way, even if the human race suffers.
Grey-eyed girl twins and a leader who feast on idealistic passion, plot and counter-plot; an explosion; a disappearance ... Macpherson's detailed study, like the plotters, comes so tantalisingly close to pulling it off."

Graham Clark in: The Brisbane Courier Mail newspaper, 26th Feb. 2000.


"It's a novel, and quite a raunchy one at that... sociologically it is a mix of hippies and the research establishment; and scientifically, it is convincing and exciting."

Val Stevens in: ECO, Feb. 2000.


"It is suspenseful, informative, funny and erotic, and it leaves the reader not only thinking about the story but also about the possibility of 'soft' bio-terrorism."

Ross Mackay in: The Morning Bulletin, 15th Jan. 2000.


Also, here's a recommendation from someone who has now joined an elite group of authors (congratulations, Robert):

"Colin Macpherson's THE TIDE TURNERS is thought-provoking, fast-paced, and eminently readable. It poses tough questions -- and tough answers. You may not agree with everything Macpherson has to say, but then if you're only reading to have your preconceptions reinforced, challenging books like this aren't for you, anyway. Buy this, enjoy it as the exciting novel it is -- and think about the issues it raises."

-- Robert J. Sawyer
Nebula Award-winning author of CALCULATING GOD, and the 2003 Hugo Award-winning author of HOMINIDS.




Reader Comments

"What an amazing story! I've never read anything quite like it. Serious, funny, erotic and informative ... and it seems so real. I love the images and the things that are unsaid. There is something about the twins that makes them stay in my mind, they seem to be almost otherworldly. When is Colin Macpherson's next book to be published?"

Duncan Moore, USA.


" I just couldn't put this book down. I wasn't sure what to expect at first - new, unknown novelist (which is sure to change soon), a bit 'sciencey' sounding, but I just got fully engrossed as I read on. You can get fulfilment from this book on all sorts of levels - from looking at the serious issues of overpopulation and bio-terrorism, to the gently erotic moments. I'm recommending it to all my friends and colleagues."

Jason Holsworth, UK.


"The story flows so smoothly - it really reads like a memoir. The twins are intriguing, and Ewen is a very interesting guy. I really like his little thinking asides. The suspense builds slowly and then reaches an unexpected crescendo at the end - I won't say any more. I just didn't realize the enormity of population growth, or that there was this amazing way of dealing with it. I also adore Ralph the dog."

Gillian Gould, Australia.


"A captivating read! 'The Tide Turners' breathes new life into the tired 'save the world' story. By blending factual biotechnology with a moral twist, some delicious sex, and a group of people who are driven to save their earth, Macpherson leads us on a journey through one possible, but perhaps necessary, version of our future."

Leanne Ofny, USA.


"... Most of all though, I liked the way the story turns the ideas of good and evil on their heads. It made me think about what is right and what is wrong in times of great crisis. An amazing book."

Margaret Cismezija, Australia.


"Just a quick note to let you know that the book arrived today - very prompt - impressive. My wife Holly and I both read the prologue and became hooked. She chucked the vacuum cleaner under the table and has now read at least a quarter of the novel. I've been working, but I intend sneaking off to have a read when I can. At the moment, Holly is engrossed."

Frank Vandenburg, New Zealand.


"I read fifty pages last night, which is a record for me. I rarely finish a book, but I know I'll complete The Tide Turners. Colin, you have made a very brave statement and produced a very well crafted narrative. I've been really taken in by it all. Congratulations."

David Moy, USA.


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